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August 15, 2021  

Marijns Poels - The Need To Ask Questions (#033)

August 15, 2021

In this podcast episode we talked about :
● The myth of overpopulation and the climate crisis
● The globalist agenda
● The right for seeking truth, freedom of speech, and open debate
● Reconnecting to nature and human nature

Marijn Poels is a multiple award-winning Dutch independent documentary maker. 

In 2017 Poel's produced the documentary The Uncertainty Has Settled. A controversial story where he's questioning Climate change and the current Energy policies. 

In the third part “Return To Eden”, Poels returns to climate change and agriculture. This film asks the question to what extent we humans are part of nature and where the boundaries lie in the urge to regulate climate change, nature, and our food supply.

☟ Find out more about Marijn Poels at☟
◼︎ https://www.marijnpoels.com/calltosupport
◼︎ https://twitter.com/marijn_poels


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