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September 12, 2021  

Adam Ringham - The Web Of Traumatizing Lies (#037)

September 12, 2021

In this podcast episode we talked about
● Side effects of ccavines
● Castration of men, masculinization of women, and the non-sexual agenda
● Abortuses
● Conspiracy theories
● Circumcision

Adam Ringham is a natural health, informed consent advocate that loves all things natural.  He’s a  a prior military veteran who spent a decade as an alcoholic - drinking two pots of coffee per day, smoking two packs of cigarettes, a gallon of diet coke, and a pound of gummy worms/peanut butter M&M's per day....and found himself at over 300 pounds at one point.

After an intense spiritual awakening - over the next couple years he dropped the weight, quit the coffee, dumped the smoking, canned the diet coke, and stopped the overall self-destruction.  Due to intense emotional trauma through my life and the damage he had done to myself - it led me to seek the solutions to undo the damage that I had done to myself, and gives me the purpose to be where I am today and do what I do.

Since putting down the bottle (or can) he’s  written and co-authored numerous books about essential oils and epigenetics, astrology, numerology, gematria, linguistics, anatomy and physiology - a few books on informed consent around ccavines and medical intervention in childbirth.

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